5 Convenient to have Pre-Workout Foods


Want to gain the most out of your workout? Make sure you eat the right foods beforehand.

Your pre-workout food plays a very crucial part while you’re at the gym: it either makes or breaks your workout. The food we consume before exercising determines our energy levels and acts like fuel for our body. If you fuel it up correctly, you’ll workout harder, otherwise it’ll feel like a waste. A relatively high carbohydrate, moderate protein and low fat meal is the best to consume before a workout. People often mistake protein as the only thing they need before and after their workouts. While there is absolutely no doubt on the importance of protein in muscle building and recovery, it’s actually carbohydrates that keep your body energized during lengthy workouts. Another important thing to note is the timing of your pre-workout diet. Make sure you eat at least 30-45 minutes prior to your workout, so that you’re able to absorb the benefits of what you’ve had.

5 Convenient Pre-Workout Foods

1. Bananas: You can call them as nature’s power bar. Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and contain sugar and starch, thus makingbanana-peanut-butter-pre-workout them the perfect pre-workout food. Besides carbs, they also contain potassium, which helps in maintaining nerve and muscle function. Having one or two medium sized bananas 30-45 minutes prior to a workout will provide enough fuel to sustain you a good workout.

2. Peanut butter sandwich: Who knew that our favourite childhood snack could actually come across as a great pre-workout food. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain roughly 188 calories and a good amount of carbohydrates. You can pair it with wheat or multigrain bread and give your workout a tasty energetic boost.

3. Oats: Since Oats are packed with fibers, they gradually release carbohydrates into your bloodstream, which helps maintain your energy levels during a workout. The vitamin B that comes with Oats helps convert these carbohydrates into energy. I personally like Kellogs’ Oat Bites. They’re delicious and can be had without milk as well, making them a very convenient pre-workout food.

4. Yogurt with boiled potato: Yogurt or dahi basically contains protein and calcium with a bit of natural sugar. Since it’s easy on the digestive system, you can have yogurt prior to working out. Having yogurt in combination with a boiled potato, which is rich in carbohydrates, can prove to be a great energy booster and hence a very effective pre-workout food.

5. Protein/ Energy Bars: Convenient pre-workout snack. That’s exactly what workout bars are. Energy bars or protein barsprotein-bars-pre-workout come loaded with carbohydrates and also contain other essentials like proteins, fibres and vitamins. Gorging on one of these bars before your workout will definitely help you go an extra mile. Sounds perfect? Wait, there’s actually a catch to such energy bars. Most of them are just glorified candy bars, which’ll end up giving you a hefty amount of calories. You need to make sure that your pre-workout bar contains a moderate amount of sugar, proteins and fats as otherwise it’ll be difficult to digest it in a short span of time.

Though it’s good to load yourself up by having a carbohydrate rich pre-workout snack, make sure you don’t overeat and end up feeling full and vomiting it all out. Visually gross.

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