The 3 Different Body Types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph & Endomorph


The bodies of each of us are a god’s creation and the beauty of it is that he made sure that each one looked different. Try noticing the people around you and the body type they possess. No, that doesn’t mean you being a guy will stare at girls top to bottom. Just notice people around casually. All the various body types that we come across can be broadly classified into 3 different categories:

(i) Ectomorph

(ii) Mesomorph

(iii) Endomorph


The image you see above gives a fair idea as to how the 3 different body types look like. The skinny among us are called as ectomorphs, the chubbier ones as endomorphs and the muscular are categorized under mesomorphs. Now let’s understand what differentiates these 3 different body types.


I can very well understand the pain that these people go through, as I’ve myself been one of them. Skinny and pencil-framed, that’s how ectomorphs are defined. No matter how much and how often these people eat, it just seems impossible for them to gain weight.

Common ectomorph traits:

– Low body fat and skinny appearanceectomorph
– Narrow frame
– Fast metabolism
– Small joints
– Small chest and buttocks

Bruce Lee, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss are some of the popular ectomorphs.

Some tips for ectomorphs:

– Try to lift heavy with your repetitions ranging in the 5-10 range
– Avoid cardio exercises as they’ll burn more fat
– The golden rule with regard to diet: eat whatever you come across
– Eat high density foods like almonds and peanut butter. You may opt for a weight gainer if you want
– Drinking lots of milk will also help


Totally opposite to ectomorphs. The chubbier and heavier humans come under this category. An endomorph is larger in appearance and has little muscle definition and finds it hard to shed off those extra kilos.

Common endomorph traits:endomorph-dwayne-johannson

– Excessive fat accumulation
– Heavier frame
– Large appetite
– Often tend to fatigue easily
– Difficulty losing weight

The Big Show, Jack Black, Wayne Knight and Oprah Winfrey are some of the notable endomorphs.

Some tips for endomorphs:

– Higher reps. Your reps should be in the 15+ range
– Take minimum rest between your sets
– Do as much cardio as possible
– Split your diet into several small meals
– Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and drink as much water as possible
– Avoid processed foods
– Don’t stop eating to lose weight, structure your diet to reduce your calorie intake, while consuming more proteins and whole grains


The most desirable and popular of all the body types. Muscular, lean and fit, these people are easily noticeable in the crowd. Though they have a large structure, they have a considerably lower body fat percentage as compared to endomorphs.

Common mesomorph traits:mesomorph-arnold

– Naturally strong
– Muscular with low body fat
– Wide shoulders and a small waist
– Is able to put on muscle easily
– Losing fat is almost effortless

Notable mesomorphs? Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Madonna, Kaley Cuoco.

Some tips for mesomorphs:

– Your reps should be in the range of 8-12
– Moderate cardio is good enough
– Breaks your diet into 5-6 meals spread throughout the day
– Ensure that you intake enough proteins and calories to maintain muscle mass

Each of us fall into one of these 3 body types. You should make sure that you know which body types category you belong to and hence adhere to the relevant training and diet.

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