Bodybuilding and Fitness is a Mind Game


“If you are not feeling it, you are not doing it right.”

I tell this to everyone who asks me for advice. One of the most important things while doing any exercise is your state of mind. I see a lot of guys doing one set of an exercise and then getting busy talking to people around them and hence delaying their subsequent sets. Sorry to say, but bodybuilding isn’t something that can be done without putting your mind to play.

Close your eyes for few seconds and think of the type of body you desire to have. Visualize it, feel it and think of yourself in that physique. Charge yourself up. Now open your eyes and feel the energy flowing in you. Make this your pre-workout before you enter into the gym and see what it does to you.

Our mind is way powerful then we think. Bodybuilders and pros like Arnold well understood the connection between their minds bodybuilding-mind-gameand their muscles and well acknowledged the fact that visualization was the first step to actualization. There’s an old saying by Lord Buddha – “You become what you think”. Focus is the key here. How can you even think of getting the optimum results from your workout when your mind is busy thinking of your pending office projects? You need to give that gym time unconditionally without any restrains, and once you learn how to channelize your brain into giving you that boost, you’ll see what wonders it does. While in the gym, just leave your office and personal work for some time and give your muscles all the attention they deserve. Forget about everything else, just worry about making those sets count. Your muscles will love that unconditional attention and pay you back way more.

A few years back, when I was a novice, I joined this local gym in my area and noticed that the coach there put much more emphasis on feeling the muscles rather than insisting on lifting heavier. He used to tell his pupils that the moment they start feeling the muscle they were working out, they wouldn’t have to worry about their form of muscles. Your form may look a little different from that of the others, but if you’re feeling it right, you’ll definitely get the results you have always sought.

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