Negative Motion: What Most People Don’t Do Right


Is your hard work at the gym not giving you the results you desire? You spend an hour training, but still don’t feel that pump? Maybe, your training technique is messed up!

Push-up Negative Motion

The one simple change which I am going to explain to you will help you get the maximum out of your training session. Your hard work and sweat will be rewarded off well. This technique is probably responsible for more muscle gain than any other, however, I am puzzled as to why this is not stressed upon much. If you are looking for quick muscle building in the shortest period possible, you should start focusing on one of the most important weight lifting techniques: proper negative motion.

Negative Motion

In every exercise there are two motions or phase: Concentric (lifting weight) and Eccentric (lowering down theEccentric Vs. Concentric Motion weights – a.k.a negative motion). What I notice in the gym are that guys put their heart and soul in positive (Concentric) motion, but when it comes to negative motion, they just throw the weights abruptly, without trying to control it. Going with the flow in negative motion can hamper your muscle growth chances. Neglecting the negative motion for muscle gains is actually like living on fast food for getting ripped. ;-).

Our muscles produce maximum force during negative motion. The gravity tries to pull the weight back to where it started and it is specifically here that you need to take control over gravity by lengthening your muscles. The controlled lowering of motion should take atleast a couple of seconds to complete and this time should ideally be more than the time taken for lifting the weights up.

You can judge the importance of negative motion from the fact that there exists an altogether separate training method called “Negative Training”, which is used by all the big body builders for massive gains. Research has shown that negative reps are a very effective training technique.

So how exactly is negative motion to be performed?

Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea as to how to focus on negative movement:

Bench Press While doing bench press, when you push the weights off the chest, the movement you make is concentric motion, and when you lower the weight to your chest, that is the eccentric motion. During the eccentric part, you should try and lower the weights slowly, taking anywhere from 2-10 seconds or more.

Barbell Bicep Curl. Here the eccentric phase is when you curl the barbell towards the chest and the concentric phase is where you lower the weight from the chest. A negative bicep curl can take anywhere from 4-6 seconds or more.

Negative Motion - Muscle Growth


While exercising, you should try to maintain a ratio of around 4:6 (Concentric vs Eccentric) in your mind for every rep you do, be it any body part. With proper focus on your negative motion, you will force your muscles to grow and will experience much better results.

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