Monday Motivation For Ladies: Jaimie Bernhardt


We thought why not motivate you ladies to stay in shape and have a fit week ahead. This week, in our Monday Motivation series, we feature Pro Fitness Model Jaimie Bernhardt.

Jaimie Bernhardt Fitness Model
A quick look at Jaimie’s stats:

Age: 28
Height: 5’5″ – 165 cm
Weight: 56 kgs – 123 lbs

Studying Fashion at Kent State University, Jaimie was a typical college student who used to stay out late, have pizza and drink alcohol. She always wanted to be a model, but was never confident that she’d make it. According to her, she never really worked out and weighed 105 lbs before the bodybuilding fever took over her in 2007. Actually it was her boyfriend who got her addicted to the gym (you ladies can take a cue from that :P). He took her to the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition and that’s where a supplement company noticed her and signed her up. From that day on, Jaimie knew one thing – this was going to be her path in life.

Jaimie Bernhardt Abs Selfie

Jaimie has never been the type to settle for less than what she deserves. She says her motivation comes from within herself. Besides modeling, one of her goals is to be an IFBB pro. She trains very hard every day and this is what her workout schedule looks like:

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Arms
Wednesday: Glutes/Plyometrics
Thursday: Shoulders/Abs
Friday: Back
Saturday: Glutes/Plyometrics
Sunday: Rest Day

Care to know what all she includes in her diet?
Egg Whites, Chicken, Oats with Cinnamon, Sweet Potato, Avocado and Spinach

Jaimie Bernhardt Fitness Model Toned

Just do it!” – The quote she lives by.

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Stay motivated! Stay fit!

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