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Monday blues not letting you workout? Well, it happens with each one of us. After a long, fun weekend, no one feels like getting their ass back to work. The questions is, what do we do to put you back in the muscle building mode? Monday motivation seems to be the answer.

Lazar Angelov Motivation

Each Monday we’ll bring you something to pump you up for the week to come. This week, we chose to have Lazar Angelov motivate you. Chances are that you might already be knowing him. Lazar Angelov, born in Bulgaria, is a very popular fitness model, bodybuilder and personal trainer.

Quick stats:
Age: 28
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 90kg – 198lbs

According to Lazar Angelov, as an ectomorph, he was naturally lean in his early days and was unable to gain any muscle. Before Lazar Angelov Workoutgetting into body building, Lazar was a professional basketball player for 10 years. He also spent a year in the army, and it is only during this time, that he discovered where his true passion lay – in bodybuilding. Being financially weak in the beginning, Lazar used to work two jobs so as make enough money for what he was pursuing. He used to work as a gym trainer during the day and as a security guard at night. In an interview to SimplyShredded, Lazar says “It was hard because I didn’t get enough rest, but it was worth it. When you really, really want something, nothing can stop you from achieving it.

A lot of people think that they give their all to gym and fitness, but do they really? How do they compare to Lazar Angelov? What does it take to get an incredible physique like him? He says “Only after they have seen how a single day of my life goes, they find out that the effort that they put in is about half of what is actually needed.

As far as training is concerned, Lazar always prefers a heavy workout. Heavy in the sense that no matter whether he is bulking or leaning, he likes to lift heavy. He suggests ectomorphs like him to lift heavier weights in order to maintain good muscle density. He’s quoted as saying “I don’t pay attention to the particular days of the week and I only rest when I really feel I need rest. Most of the exercises that I do are different every time. Only the basic exercises such as squat, bench press and deadlift are always present, but I also try to do them in a different way every time.

Apart from being a fitness model, Lazar gives personal training to people as well. He is all in for motivating people and helping them transform their bodies.

3 important tips from Lazar Angelov:

  1. Be patient – “Rome wasn’t built in a day”
  2. 2. Stay consistent with both your training routing and diet
  3. 3. Never give up no matter what the obstacle is

Lazar Angelov on phone

What separates Lazar from the other bodybuilders is his very well balanced physique and an incredible muscle definition. Lazar lives by aesthetics. One look at his perfect physique and you’re left awe-struck. He’s the perfect motivation for your muscle building week.

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