4 Effective Abs Exercises to Build Six Pack at Home


Abs is one of those muscles of the body that you can carve without even going to the gym or making use of fancy equipment. Apart from maintaining a strict diet for six pack abs, an individual only needs to know of a few exercises and make use of some basic tools in order to achieve what is known as a six pack. In short, if you’re dedicated enough, it is very much possible to attain a six pack at home as well.

Six Pack Abs

4 effective exercises for building six pack abs at home

Here are four of the most effective workouts for the muscles of your abs. These exercises can be performed at home and require only a pull up bar, a Swiss ball and about half an hour of dedication every day.

The Weighted Front Plank Exercise

Plank Exercise

The exercise involves resting on the elbows and toes facing downwards. Keeping the back flat and the abs tight, a plank is to be placed on the lower back and the position is to be held for at least a minute before resting.

The Swiss Ball Jack Knife ExerciseSwiss Ball Jack Knife

The exercise starts off in a press-up position with the feet on a Swiss ball. With the body in a straight line and without curling the lower back, the abs should be contracted to pull the ball towards the chest while bending the knees.

The V Up Exercise

V Up Exercise

This exercise involves lying on the back and then raising the arms and legs in a V, by crunching the stomach muscles. While keeping the limbs straight, the position should be held for a few seconds before returning back.

The Hanging Side Knee Raise Exercise

Hanging Side Knee Raise

This exercise requires hanging from a bar keeping the hands spread wide apart and then lifting both knees first towards the right underarm, holding it for a few seconds before lowering them and then moving on to the left underarm.

With a little bit of dedication and effort, these powerful exercises can help users develop a six pack at home.

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