5 Reasons Why Leg Workout is Really Important


Are you one of those people who prefer to skip leg workout? Think again. Chicken legs are no good.

“Say leg workout and everyone loses their minds.” That’s how feared and ignored the epic leg day is. One look at the gym and you’ll be able to tell what workout day it is. A deserted gym is the most common indicator of leg day. After all, who likes to come home tipping here and there? Most gym-goers ignore leg workout thinking that it’s the upper body that shows, so no point working out a body part that gets hidden beneath the trousers. They have absolutely no idea as to what they’re missing. If you’re someone who’s been skipping training legs, then it’s high time that you think again. You’re making a blunder.

5 reasons why shouldn’t skip leg workout

You don’t want to look like Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo muscles

“Oh Mama! Look at my quads!” said Johnny never. The macho man we’ve all grown up seeing had a huge torso and biceps, but did you ever notice those tiny legs beneath that huge frame? I can’t imagine anyone wanting a lop-sided physique like that, but many would actually end up with a very similar physique. You know why? Because they don’t train their legs! Trust me, chicken legs don’t look good. A tiny pair of legs below a well built, muscular upper look disgusting. Disagree with me? Take a look the at the image below. You don’t want to look like that, do you?

Chicken legs with huge upper body

Weak legs lead to back painGlute Muscles Legss

You cannot expect a house to be rigid when its base is weakly constructed. The same is the case with our bodies. Our legs hold the entire weight of our upper body and if they themselves are weak, how do you expect them to hold your entire body together? A deficiency in leg muscles can cause a multitude of problem, the biggest one being back pain. Weak glute muscles put more pressure on the lower back and hamstrings, which leads to tightening of the hip flexors that pull on the lumbar spine. This creates an anterior pelvic tilt and protrudes the abdomen, putting further pressure on the back. Care to know how this can even affect a man’s sex appeal? The excess pressure on your abdominal wall gets transferred to the kidneys. This increase the blood pressure, while decreasing the blood flow, which to your shock can lead to erectile dysfunction. Eureka! Now we have you thinking. Another important thing you should note is whether your back gets a little pumped up after walking or sprinting. If it does, then it’s a serious indicator that your lower body needs a desperate overhaul.

Speeds up fat loss

Working out the giant leg muscles causes your heart to beat really fast, like extreme cardio fast. This obviously helps you to burn several calories. One bow, two targets. Lower body exercises like squats, deadlifts and step-ups are a great way to burn fat. They can prove to be a very efficient way to achieve your six pack abs target.

Working out the legs also helps the upper body grow

Surprised? Performing leg workout exercises in proper variables leads to creation of anabolic hormones at an increased rate. As you may be knowing, anabolic hormone or growth hormone is responsible for building muscles and enhancing strength. Thus, leg workout not only makes your lower body stronger, it also helps your upper body gain muscle. For the ladies, legs workout is the way to fit into a bikini, so make sure you train you lower body well.

Improves overall fitness

A strong pair of legs improves your overall mobility and flexibility as well. You’ll get better and more successful at the sports you play. If you’ve taken care of your legs well, doing things in the later years of your life will be much smoother. More strength, more power and more balance – that’s what leg workout gives you.

Never Skip Leg Workout

I myself was a regular at skipping leg day each week, until one day when my legs started to shake while I was lifting heavy on my shoulders. That day and today, I never miss my leg workout. I might skip on some other body part, but legs? No honey, that’s not gonna happen. Make sure you always remember to date your legs once a week.

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