Workout at Home: 5 Exercises That Need No Equipment


Busy season not allowing you the time to workout? Worry not! You can always stay in shape by working out from the convenience of your home. Though gym has its own importance, you don’t always need a gym to remain fit. All you need is the urge and passion to keep your body in shape. If you know about the right exercises, you can easily workout at home.

This article is meant for all those people who remain very busy with work and their schedule doesn’t permit them to hit the gym. It’s also for those lazy asses who don’t wish to take the pain of getting up and going to a gym.

5 easy and effective exercises to workout at home

Effective Exercises to Workout At Home - Push-ups


No gym rat would deny the effectiveness of this heavenly awesome exercise for chest, shoulders, triceps, abdominal, quads, hamstrings and calves. You just name the muscle and push-up can cover it all. Push-ups help to increase testosterone levels (which helps increase muscle mass). Doing this exercise at the start of your workout stimulates your metabolism and blood circulation, which makes you burn more calories during your workout. It also helps prevent back pain and injuries. There are a number of ways to perform push-ups. By simply changing your hand or leg position, you can change the impact of this exercise on different muscle groups.

Refer to the video below to better understand the technique, because not doing and doing incorrectly are one and the same thing. 😉

Plank  (including side plank)

Don’t take this exercise lightly just by looking at it. Doing it in the morning will turn you into an all-day fat burning machine. It’s one of the most effective exercises for building abs. Not only does plank helps you to strengthen your midsection, upper body and lower body muscles, but it also makes you more flexible. Plank can be done in a variety of ways.

Tip Start by 30 seconds and gradually increase the bar and raise it to 2 minutes.

Front Plank

Side Plank

Free Squats

Taken for granted to be a simple leg exercise, squats actually help build muscles in your entire body by creating an anabolic environment. Squats trigger the release of testosterone and human growth hormone in your body, which are essential for muscles growth. Not only muscle gain, doing squats also helps you bust your fat.

Jumping Jacks  

Mainly a part of aerobics exercise, jumping jacks is effective for abs too. While jumping, you breathe deeply, which delivers oxygen to your bloodstream and muscles. By elevating your heart rate, it helps burn fat.

Chin-ups or Pull-ups

These are one of the best exercises for your upper back and additionally for your arms and shoulders. Being compound movement exercises, they also trigger the release of a large amount of growth hormone. There is no other exercise which can beat pull-ups, when it comes to working out your back muscles. The best thing about pull-ups is that there are so many different variations of pull-ups and you can do them without a bar as well (check out video). All you need to do is change your hand position. For example, an underhand grip will work more on your biceps, while an overhead grip will work on your back muscles.

All these 5 exercises are very effective and easy to perform. Now comes the question – how many sets should I do? Or in what combination do I perform these exercises? Here’s a workout at home schedule to kick start your exercise routine (for beginners):

For the first week (any 4 days of your comfort)

  1. 40 Push up (in as many sets as required, just complete 40)
  2. 40 Free Squats (in as many sets as required, just complete 40)
  3. 5 Minutes Jumping Jacks
  4. 30 Chin ups (in as many sets as required, just complete 30)
  5. 3 sets of Plank (30 seconds)

For the second week (any 4 days of your comfort)

  1. 50 push-up (in as many sets as required, just complete 50)
  2. 50 free squats (in as many sets as required, just complete 50)
  3. 10 minutes jumping jacks
  4. 30 chin ups (in as many sets as required, just complete 40)
  5. 4 sets of plank (40 seconds)

As you can see in the second week, the intensity of the workout is more as compared to first week. This will give you a fair idea as to how you should increase the intensity of your workout. This is called as progressive overload. Your muscles won’t grow unless you give them a reason to grow. By increasing the intensity gradually, you’ll make your muscles work harder and hence force them to become bigger and stronger. Have a happy workout at home!

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